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Phantom Crash

Overall: Boring as hell, repetitive and very bad gameplay. You dont have a game here, it just looks like a beta or demo cuz it need alot of things to say this game is finished.

Gameplay: the way u move the character is kinda like all fps games, but the button set up is hard to remember.

Graphics: I only liked the intro movie, does that say it all about visuals in this "g4me"?. plus, when using the power of invisible it looks pretty lame.

Audio: I?ve heard better sounds coming out of me when finished 2 complete bowls of captain crunch cereal, so u can guess how bad the sounds are.

Suggestions: Improve the menus, multiplayer, history, models, levels, etc.. start from the begginnnin and tried to finish the game this time.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Blinx: The Time Sweeper

Overall: Marketin campaigns and again user reviews made me thought this game was larger, longer and better than Mario 64.. and again they were wrong. YEah it has the nice feauture of controlling the time but I can use it as the way i thought it could, graphics are nice, but the level designs are boring, they need more life on it, the same issue with the enemies, they are just crappy.

Gameplay: I will write is as shortly as possible.. Just add Mario a timesweeper on his back with the ability to control time, and that is IT.

Graphics: Graphics are so great, but they arennt bad anyways. This game just look average but i know microsoft studios could make it look better.

Audio: meow!! city full of cats with timesweepers on their back talkin chit chat and a final boss who looks like a big old clock.. who need voices here? just add some cartoonish sounds and thats it.

Suggestions: live enable? just kiddin, why should I need more levels for this game? I just want my cash back.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: After my first bought which was Halo I thought all xbox games could be as great as it... wrong!! I heard so good reviews about this game that I decided to get it (yeah I paid 50 dllrs) and after the first missions it gets frustating searchin for graffitis just to spray over on it, and then after finishin with some bosses I have to search again the same graffitis and spray them again.. when playing this I didnt feel as playing a game, it was more like working as a graffiti cleaner and gettin no cash for it.

Gameplay: Just like any platformer game, this games has the jump button and the spray button which in this case is used to clean graffitis or to defeat enemies, yeah!! you can defeat enemies sprayin paint on them (PAINT IS PAIN!). Is like addin mario the ability to grind on rails, to use spray cans and to have superboost.

Graphics: Best of almost all xbox games are the visuals, the cell-shaded style of this game really amazed me, cuz i havent saw those visuals before (i never had or played the dreamcast version).

Audio: Music doesnt make a game good, but it adds somethin nice to it. You can find some great ST here from real Japanese DJ´s, Sure they are unknown to almost all partiers.

Suggestions: add more multiplayer options, levels, types of game. Add more replay value.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: First of all this was the most over rated game I had ever bought. First of all, the storyline doesnt make sense, some characters special powers are unbalanced in relation to others, Its like a Halo wannabe cuz you can carry just 2 weapons and the worst is that some characters can carry some of them cuz they are to heavy.

The multiplayer game is a little more funnier but its hard playin 4 persons like in any other game, now add to this problem the fact that brute force is third person, so the screen appears to be smaller.

The downloadable content isnt as great as other games, the extra mission is just a landscape full of enemies all over the place and almost impossible to finish it if you are a newbie.

Overall description of this game? well I only recommend it to you if you really like third person games, hard visibility playin 4 mayhem, and if you want tao feng and mechassault demo... if you like all the above then this is your game.

Gameplay: If you own or have played halo (all xbox users have halo)then you will notice that the controls are the same, right trigger to shoot, left trigger to throw granade, A jump and etc.

You wont get a hard time tryin to get use to the controls, except for the view, sometime times the camera can give you several issues when fighting big groups of enemies.

Graphics: maybe this is why this game got delayed so much times, the best of all the game are the visuals, almost all levels are great designed and the characters look quite awesome.

Audio: bam, boom, kabam.. to me almost all games involving firin guns or fast missiles ridin over your head sounds the same to me, except for the voices wich i guess they will improve their voice actin on the sequel

Suggestions: First of all they should add more downloadble maps to this game.. only 3? it needs more than 8 to really keep eye attention from the gamers who bought this.

They should add live enabled next time, so this game at least could be played more than 12 hours.

Just to add it to the track, please add vehicles so it can look like a halo in third person view.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10

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