Dungeons 3 - Famous Last Words DLC

by Adam Dileva

Dungeons 3: Famous Last Words
I have to admit, I never got around to playing Dungeons 3 when it released. Not that the premise didn’t interest me, quite the opposite in fact, but backlog and other things kept me from it, eventually forgetting about it. Miraculously, the five DLC’s that came afterwards also flew under my radar; Fool me once, shame on you, fool me five times, well, shame on me. I’m now making amends and finally getting around to playing Dungeons 3 with its sixth and final DLC release, aptly titled: Famous Last Words.

Dungeons 3: Famous Last Words

Having never played Dungeons 3 before, I started by completing the basic tutorials, thinking that would be sufficient enough for me to jump right into the DLC. Boy was I wrong, as I got destroyed quite quickly, and unsure why. So I had to put some time into the core game itself to learn the controls, intricacies and strategies that come with being a great evil dungeon master.

Dungeons 3: Famous Last Words

With the core game and 5 DLC’s already complete, there’s no more good in the world, as it seems they’ve all been taken care of and destroyed by you, the evil one. Now that there’s nothing to do, the narrator becomes quite bored, and when Thalya gets on his bad side, things take a turn for the worse.

Dungeons 3: Famous Last Words

Yes, you read that right, your new nemesis is going to be the Narrator himself. This adds a unique element of breaking the fourth wall, much like Deadpool. This creates a unique backdrop where the Narrator, now calling himself Narratus and wearing a super hero suit, complete with cape and sunshades, gets to dictate the rules to the game however he wishes, as anything he narrates actually happens.

Dungeons 3: Famous Last Words

This makes for a very hilarious campaign, complete with three lengthy missions that will keep you challenged throughout. You get a bad feeling from the beginning, as you start out with a completely fully developed dungeon, and once the Narrator and Thalya start fighting, that’s where things go badly for you. To break the fourth wall even more, Narratus has locked up Realmforge Studios, the developers, into cages and constantly goes on about ignoring the predetermined design documents that he's 'supposed' to follow.

Dungeons 3: Famous Last Words

There are even some jabs at “Electronic Farts” and loot boxes, of which can be bought with your gold horde for bonuses as a tongue in cheek poke of fun. Not only do you get 3 decently length and challenging campaign missions, but there’s a new creep type, the Pen Pushers, and a new boss, of whom you can probably guess.

Dungeons 3: Famous Last Words

The core gameplay of Dungeons 3 hasn’t changed, and this is simply a piecemeal addition to it, but it’s still entertaining, hilarious and fun nevertheless. While there is some major slowdown at times, and the UI and menu system feels clunky to a newcomer, $6.49 (CAD) is just the right price if you’re looking for another reason to dungeon delve while getting some laughs at the humor throughout as the wait for the eventual sequel begins.

Overall:  8/ 10

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